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Environmental, Health & Safety Management System. This system is a facility specific management outline that aims to accomplish ideal health & safety practices. It aids in identifying the environmental, health & safety hazards and proposes appropriate methods of prevention of potential risk. The system adapts to the rules of the regulatory authorities, as well as falling in line with best practice EHS standards and binding EHS laws. Al Dhabi Engineering & environmental consultancy is renowned for generating high quality & precise EHS management systems, by means of an experienced team of professionals and under the accreditation of OSHAD.



Our architecture is driven by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home, in the workplace, the cultural building or the public realm. The same thinking applies at the larger scale of infrastructure, whether that is an airport, a metro system, a city centre or a regional plan.

Design in that sense is all-embracing, ranging from the functional and environmental performance of a building to a concern for its physical and cultural context. Not least is a concern for the ‘poetic’ dimension, such as we find in the modelling and sculpting of spaces by natural light.



Health, Safety & Environmental Plan. This plan outlines a management program for all HSE aspects; it aims to attain a successful HSE procedure.

The plan defines:

  •     The objective (desired achievement).
  •     The program (suggested plan).
  •     The action plan (methodology proposed to accomplish objectives).
  •     In addition to outlining the distribution of responsibilities among various ranks of employees at a given time frame for the objectives accomplishment.

An HSE Plan is a dynamic document, meaning that it is initially developed at the starting stage of a project and shall be regularly restructured upon the change of the scope of work.